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It's Simple Math:
1 Imaginative Family + 1 Great Idea =
1 Fabulous Pizza Restaurant

About Us

about villageTwenty-two years ago the family mentioned above, the Davidsons’, turned their great idea into Village Pizza.

But first they perfected their original pizza recipes – much to the delight of the rest of the family, friends, neighbors and the post man.

The Davidson’s make their own original recipe sausage, dough, sauce, and green chili chicken soup. Only folks whose last name is Davidson know the secret ingredients.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy a cozy meal or a fun party in the shadow of the Sandias at Village Pizza.

Our Fireplaces will warm you up on a cold winter day and the patio cottonwoods will shade you on a warm summer day.

Come and dine with the Davidson’s and most importantly Grandpa Paul during lunch hours. We will make sure your lunch or dinner will be the best you’ve every enjoyed.

Not only is the food pretty one of a kind, but so is the building. Before it was Village Pizza, the old adobe building was a Mongolian restaurant, but previous to becoming a Mongolian restaurant, the building was La Estrellita Bar. The bar is now the cashiers counter, and you can still admire its wooden carved stars. The customers must have gotten pretty rowdy on occasion, ask to see the bullet holes in the ceiling posts of the main dining room. Also, don’t venture to Village Pizza late at night, there was a murder that happened years ago in the back part of the lot. The man who was shot by his wife still roams the property and is known to terrorize employees every now and then.

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